Plasticating Components

The increasing use of compounds with abrasive fillers created a demand for abrasion resistant barrels. Especially the use of glass reinforced compounds for injection moulding causes premature wear.

REILOY 121 Barrels are bimetallic grades for most injection applications. They give excellent abrasion and improved corrosion resistance. They cost more than nitrided barrels but they will outlast many times over.
For the outstanding quality we award 5 stars to REILOY.

Abrasive wear on screws is often caused by fillers such as glass fibers, calcium carbonate or barium ferrite. The mechanism of abrasive wear is much the same as emery cloth on metal.
With help from the very hard and fine particles the screw is scoured off each time they make contact.
Another factor affecting wear is corrosion caused by polymer degradation or flame retardant additives.
Ganzelewski screws are always the right choice. Whatever your use is – we have the right screw. High quality standards ensure proper fit and performance at competitive prices. Full length coatings are available and offer powerful protection to processors using fiberglass or talc reinforced resins.

Check Valves
Most valves can be divided into two categories:
Ball Check Valves and Sliding Ring Valves
No valve design is perfect for every application, therefore we offer several distinct designs to ensure the proper component for your special use.
In most cases our through-hardened valves, which are constructed from highest quality tool steels or powder metal, will meet your expectations.
For very high wear we recommend TiN and CrN coated tip assemblies, which have excellent non adhesion properties.

We offer nozzles, nozzle bodies and nozzle tips manufactured from tool steels, stainless alloys to whatever material necessary to meet your particular needs. Nozzle tips in combination with nozzle bodies are cost-effective and easy to replace.

Mixing devices are designed to give superior mixing characteristics. Mixers are screwed into the screw, for this reason the screw must be constructed shorter. The design is to be able to give homogenous melt and proper colour dispersion.

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